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release time:2024-05-29 13:12:04
Xinhua News Agency, Manila, January 5th: "China will become our largest durian export destination!" - Philippine durians are allowed to export to China, adding new color to Sino-Philippine agricultural cooperation. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Jie, Wang Xiaowei, Liu Kai, 29-year-old Qiao Mar Abdon is a quality inspector at a durian processing factory in Davao, the third largest city in the Philippines. With the naked eye, he can quickly classify hundreds of durians delivered by farmers every day according to quality grade to ensure that high-quality goods enter the factory. However, Abdon has recently had a "sweet trouble": with China and the Philippines signing a protocol on phytosanitary requirements for Philippine fresh durians exported to China, his workload is likely to increase significantly. “Philippine pomegranate.

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